Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tora Datang Lagiiii..

Hello and Assalamualaikum..

Again??? Are u kidding? Ok... Camnilah gamaknye kalu dah takde ape nak buat kat ofis time2 mengantook camni.. Taip la pe aje yg ade dlm kaplahotak ni.. Entry kali ni nak cite about my Basal Body Temperature (BBT)... Ok.. Memang entry seblom ni kate macam dah takmo cite lagi n pk pasal TTC kan.. But yet, still come out dgn post psl TTC.. Apecer?? BBT ni mmg dah jadi macam daily habit la.. Bunyik alarm pagi2 utk bangon keje tu, 1st thing i must do is checking my BBT.. And kat cni nak cite how do i chart my BBT..

Items needed :-

1) Thermometer : I use Fairhaven digital thermometer since its much more convenient.. Beli through online..For those yg nak beli, do pm me and i'll let u know more.. I kept it right beside my bed on the bedside table.  

2) Notebook or Phone : I use my phone to jotdown my temperature everyday.. Bole download je application kat Android Market tu.. Macam2 software ade utk Period and Ovulation charting ni.. Some may opt just use a notebook where they can jotdown their temp..

3) BBT Chart / Graph : I use this for actual tracking of my menstruation or day on my cycle, intercourse dgn husband, temperature, time my temperature was taken and cervical mucus.  Chart ni jugak boleh bantu kite keep track of the length of our cycle.. Ni boleh download dkt FertilityFriends.Com ye kawan.. Kalau dalam hp pon bole.. Download kat Android Market.. Apss name : P tracker / WomanLog..

When and How Do I Take My BBT :

Ok.. I take my temperature IMMEDIATELY upon getting up WITHOUT getting out of the bed and WITHOUT much movement.. Bukan ape, dikhuatiri kalau kite dah start bangon n bergerak banyak, suhu kita akan berubah..Should have 5 hours of sleep before taking BBT and take it at d sametime everyday.

Ok.. Chart nye pulak nak upload ke tak ek.. Nak ke taknak.. Nak ke taknak.. Hurm takpyah la.. Sebab chart pon lintang pukang.. Maybe tak konsisten kot.. And makan macam2 so chart jd turun naek cam ape je.. But from that chart, yg plg bgus skali when u on BBT checking ni, kite senang tau bile kite nak period... Once suhu tu drop drastically, haa siap sedialah bwk pad dari rumah.. Confirm period datang pagi tu.. So takdelah lg isu 'leaking'.. Heeee...


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